Essential Elements for the Future of the San Joaquin Valley

Essential Elements Summary of Outcomes

The Very Last Drop: Managing Food and Water Production

Presented by West Hills Community College District
March 27, 2014
Harris Ranch Inn and Conference Center

Top Ten Trends

  1. Improve public perception and deploy focused public relations efforts
  2. Make San Joaquin Valley issues “go-to” instead of “drive by;”
  3. Assess and communicate impact of regulatory decisions on people in economically distressed areas;
  4. Amplify shared core values to create & strengthen alliances in the San Joaquin Valley;
  5. Insist on improved research and support to rebalance the fish-ag equation;
  6. Perform economic impact analysis scenarios: with expansion or without expansion of surface water;
  7. Think globally to solve technical problems – become a laboratory for the world;
  8. Infuse and utilize technology to increase water supply, resiliency and reliability;
  9. Expand bio-based products manufacturing in the San Joaquin Valley; and,
  10. Ensure West Hills Community College Districts capacity as the “backbone” organization translating new Ag related technologies into job training with career potential.